Doggie Day Spa

Hydro-massaging bath, nail trim, and more...


Your pets will feel so relaxed, energetic and fresh after we pamper them in our Doggie Day Spa. Our spa package includes a thorough brushing of your pet's coat to remove loose hair and matts. They will then receive a pet pedicure (nail trim) and an ear cleaning to reduce moisture in the ear canal. Then we perform a hydro-massaging bath that penetrates the coat and brings oxygen to the skin in order to make their coat brighter, softer and healthier. Your pet will enjoy another massage while they are fluff dried by our pet blow dryer. After more brushing, to remove more loosened hair,and they are completely dried they are ready to go.

Medicated shampoos & dips

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For pet's who need medical attention, we have a wide selection of medicated shampoos and dips. Our veterinarian will determine which medicated bath is appropriate for your pet's needs.

Rates are determined by weight and coat of your pet. Call today to schedule your pet's day at the spa!

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